Have you ever looked at one of my ads and asked yourself:

  • What is your product?
  • What exactly am I buying from you?
  • How do you help us with our Modular Home?
  • How can you keep the prices at $159/sq. ft.?
  • Does this include the Tradesmen (Painter, Electrician, Plumber)?

We are having a seminar at our Office Gardens to give you
the answers you have about Modular Homes Factory Direct!

We understand that what we sell is not your usual product, that comes from a store and arrives ready to use. That is why we want to take you on this journey and explain the ins and outs of making your Modular Home dream come true. Yes, you can save thousands of dollars. We have helped others to do this, and we can help you too.

Come join our June Seminars

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FREE Land Seekers & Land Owners Seminar

Modular Homes Factory Direct Unlocks the Secret for you to Manage Your Project with our Guidance and complete modular home projects starting @ $159 sq. ft.

Experience the wholesale purchase and equity the MHPM Program unlocks! Utilize our vast resources, knowledge and expertise for the MHPM New Construction Program which transforms home seekers into new home owners. STOP! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY $275-$400 a sq. foot in your area to a local builder when with our guidance it's $159 a square foot complete!

June 22 OR June 23
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Call 732-255-4160
to Reserve - Limited Seating

Seminar starts at 12pm,
followed by "Q & A" BBQ at 2:00 pm