Modular Home Factory Tour


Modular Homes factory Direct organizes modular home factory tours.
Call 8770233-3133 to find out more about the factory tours and to register.

Thousands have attended the modular home factory tours, purchased modular homes and saved thousands of dollars when they build their dream home and/or receive instant equity after the modular home is manufactured, delivered and installed and completed by the customer with the guidance from Modular Homes Factory Direct Consultants.


The modular home tour is a four hour event. we start with a big welcome in the plant. The tour moves from station to station, examining the structural integrity of the modular homes and the building process.

The quality and value of products become obvious as we walk through modular boxes being built-which ultimately become a structurally sound home. The Engineering Department is always a fascinating group to meet. The complete modular home tour always gets rants and raves and even awes! We end the tour with a short seminar and answer all the questions you may have concerning the building process, products, cost breakdown and financing of a modular home.

We schedule six modular home factory tours per year. We usually schedule two tours in the fall and two tours in the spring and two tours in the summer.

We will finish you with directions and Tour Pass.