Hundreds of Modular Homes Factory Direct home-buyers attend Factory Tours and Seminars each year. Modular home-buyers learn how to purchase Factory Direct, home buyers gain confidence and save thousands of dollars by purchasing a modular home and even more by purchasing a Modular Home Factory Direct.


The Modular Home Factory Direct Seminar will show you how you can rebuild your home and restore your lifestyle with exceptional quality custom homes built in a factory, a one day set, and self general contracting procedures.

The seminar explains how you can get instant equity by purchasing a modular home direct from the factory. There is also details about the quality of craftsmanship in a home built in a factory. and you will find out how much time and money you will be saving.

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Personal Factory Tours Available!
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Tours of the modular home factory gives you an opportunity to LOOK, TOUCH AND FELL OUR STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY AT EVERY BUILDING STATION. CALL 1-877-233-3133 TO REGISTER FOR A PRIVATE FACTORY TOUR.

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